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Who I am

I'm very passionate about security. I'm a huge fan of electronics, computing, mechanics, science, and astronomy. I've been around computers since a very early age. DOS 5.0 was a new operating system when I first started using computers. I have a wide range of experience with computers. What started as a hobby over 25 years ago will be a career for at least the next 25.

Where I'm going

I hope to develop my security career with an emphasis on the enterprise. One aim I hope to achieve along the way is to become OSCE certified, and start my own business conducting penetration testing and security audits. This will of course be a very challenging journey, but one I feel I am of the requisite degree of character, competence, and dedication. I hope to develop my Linux expertise alongside my security career. Eventually, I hope to become Red Hat Linux Architect certified. That will no doubt also be an arduous journey.

On this site:

Be sure to check out my resume. But note that resumes are usually not sufficient for getting a full story; just a glimpse. You can also see various qualifications and awards, other notable facets that I'm particularly rated at the moment. Don't be afraid to contact me, I'll respond within a reasonable amount of time.

External presence:

By far the most useful social media and networking site at my disposal, and where you can connect with me, is on Google+. Google+ connects you with people and ideas you'd never stand a chance to connect with on Facebook. And the communities, especially the security and Linux-related ones, have proven to be immensely invaluable. Feel free to give my LinkedIn profile a whirl. I can always use to expand my network, especially if your line of expertise is security- or Linux-related. Let's grow our careers together! In the near future, I'll likely have various Github repositories and projects based in C++ or bash/python/ruby, so be sure to keep an eye on that. I also freelance, so if you have a project you'd like me to tackle, shoot me a work order request on oDesk and I'll take a look at it.