• My story, my direction, my passion, my ambition.

Adding myself up

My primary area of focus is information security and security administration. My secondary area of focus is Linux; this is my "ace up the sleeve". My strongest suit is systems administration, however I do have some application development background. My passion is computing. I have been an avid computing enthusiast since the age of eight. Over the years I have built up a sizeable amount of experience working with computers in a hobbyist capacity. I have always wanted to fill in the gaps and turn this experience into a career. In January of 2011, I started a bachelor's program: Information & Systems Security. During this time, I have additionally sought out industry certifications. There are also a number of specific technologies and areas of focus I have studied during this time. Learning alone, to me, is not enough. So I have put a tremendous amount of effort into "wargaming" it out. I have a hybrid test environment that I use and maintain which consists of physical and virtualized machines. These include Windows XP through Windows 10, Server 2008r2, and 15 various Linux distributions.

Where I'm going

The next certification I am likely to sit for is the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). This certification is however more theorem than practical technical application; leaves a lot to be desired. For this reason, I have also studied several books related to penetration testing using Kali Linux, that range from introductory to advanced/mastering levels. I have also practiced what I've learned, and have a sizeable "playbook" of working notes derived from these books and my own experiences in practice. The intent however was not to learn for the sake of doing damage. The intent was to learn for the sake of understanding how things work, what is going on, and how best to protect against it. So where am I going with all of this? My intent is to meet and exceed expectations, in all that I do. I commonly find people that are of the caliber "just enough to get by", which I suppose is fine if it works for them. However on a very personal level it is extremely important to me that I excel at what I do. I pragmatically recognize that I am an expert (or even pro) at nothing. But I want to be, and I'm pushing as hard as I can to make it happen.

Five-year statement:

In five years, I hope to have already completed the CEH and CISSP certifications on the security side of personal development, as well as have at least an RHCSA certification on the Linux side of personal development. What can't be stressed enough is the accompanying experience from practice and scenario-based application of what's covered that I will put myself through. A big part of what I'm looking for above all else is the technical background and experience that can be had after having learned what is covered in any given certification. Getting the certification alone is merely part of a much larger personal goal. It's the self-administered practice and connection of concepts that are the reason why I place so much value in the certifications. In five years, I also hope to already be working as a security administrator.

About this site:

This site is mainly a portfolio website and self-advertisement platform. I created this site to document my personal development as a technologist over the coming years. I am enthusiastic about watching how my "chestboard" develops. I have a resume and generic cover letter area that generalizes where I'm currently at. There are means for you to connect with me, and I imagine that over the years I will be adding to those means. I will also be adding a blog section to the site, in time. This site was developed and is maintained by me. It consists of html, css, php, and a little javascript. The use of php currently only extends as far as dynamic content inclusion. Fancybox2 project is used for the image galleries, slightly modified to suit my design objectives.